MotherDough Our sourdough bread’s unique taste comes from the Garacochea family bakers’ sourdough starter or "mother dough" called “Amatxi” (Uh-mah-chi), which also means grandmother in the Basque language. A little bit of the starter is used to leaven a batch of bread dough, and the remaining Amatxi is set aside to ferment naturally until we are ready for the next batch.

Etchea’s Amatxi originated with natural wild yeasts in the Basque village of Les Aldudes in the French Pyrenees Mountains over 130 years ago. It is kept alive simply by adding flour and water daily. The wild yeast culture feeds off of the proteins in the flour. When properly cared for, a mother dough can flourish indefinitely.

Natural fermentation takes longer and creates greater flavor complexity in comparison to breads that use commercial yeast to accelerate fermentation. Although Etchea’s sourdough bread takes more than 24 hours to make, devouring a loaf takes only minutes.

Voted Best Sourdough Bread in Downtown Los Angeles By Tasting Table!

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