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Etchea opened two of their bakeries and cafes in different parts of Downtown Los Angeles last year, one for the students near USC and the other for the desk jockeys near Hope and Third street. It’s where you can slip in for La Colombe coffee, fresh-baked croissants, muffins, bread pudding and crusty sourdough bread made from a recipe that goes back generations.

ECBTheDoughAlsoRises The Dough Also Rises, We Highlight Our Favorite LA Loaves

Etchea was fortunate to be voted as one of the top 10 best breads in Los Angeles! The Tasting Table featured our beloved sourdough bread as their #4 pick for the best bread in Los Angeles. The Tasting Table describes our bread as a “tangy sourdough recipe predating the Gold Rush. Baked using a traditional Basque technique that dates back centuries, it's fantastic on its own, but we suppose you could fill it with clam chowder, too.”

ECBDangerousGrounds Our Coffee La Colombe was featured on Travel Channel’s “Dangerous Grounds”

At Etchea Cafe & Bakery, we provide only the highest quality products to our customers. For this reason, we offer only the best coffee at both of our locations—La Colombe. The owners of La Colombe are experts in their field and have recently been featured on the Travel Channel’s show the “Dangerous Grounds” for their superior product! In “Dangerous Grounds”, Todd Carmichael travels the globe searching for the highest-grade of coffee in the world. He explores exotic and dangerous locations for the most rare beans available. La Colombe was featured on the show for their excellent quality product and smooth taste!


Discover Los Angeles: “Etchea Cafe Bakery & Market (By USC)”

All of us at Etchea Cafe & Bakery are delighted to be featured in Discover Los Angeles. In the article, the author encourages Los Angeles’ explorers to stop by Etchea Cafe & Bakery for a French Basque-inspired meal. They describe Etchea as “local approach to eating, where delicious food and customer experience come first.” Read more from Discover Los Angeles about unique places to explore in thriving downtown Los Angeles!


USC Daily Trojan:“Etchea bakery provides French fare”

“There’s something comforting about the concept of a homey French restaurant in the middle of bustling Downtown Los Angeles; the restaurant gives off the vibe that it’s a little oasis where people can relax during food breaks throughout the day.” Visit the Daily Trojan to learn why everyone is flocking to Etchea Cafe & Bakery!


LA Downtown News:“Top Chef Quenioux Part of Powerhouse Team Opening Bunker Hill Cafe”

“A Downtown cafe slated to open this summer is intended to remind people of a quaint little spot found on the corner of small towns...The seasonal menu will consist of sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts and some entrees...The bread will be delivered daily from Garacochea’s wholesale bakery called Etxea in Hawthorne.”


LA Eater:“Laurent Quenioux Behind Menu at Etchea, Coming to Two Downtown Spaces This Summer”

“Chef Laurent Quenioux (Bistro LQ) is behind the seasonal Basque menu of sandwiches, salads, soups, entrees, and desserts. Also aligned with this project is John Baptiste Garacochea (Pioneer Bakery), Linda Griego (Engine Co. No. 28), and Christine Splichal (Patina Restaurant Group). Not a shabby group of partners at all.”


Los Angeles Magazine:“The Five Things You Need to Know About Etchea Bakery, Now Open Downtown”

Etchea Cafe & Bakery is not just your standard mini-marketplace, bakery, or cafe although it may appears to be. Instead, it is filled with culture, experience, and family. Etchea makes traditional dishes from the Basque region of France by using only quality ingredients. Read more from Los Angeles Magazine about what makes Etchea Cafe & Bakery unique.


Los Angeles Times: “Hot downtown dining scene: Laurent Quenioux's Etchea bakeries, Olio pizzeria, Terroni”

Etchea Cafe & Bakery joins downtown LA’s hot restaurant scene. They bring to the table the traditional bread recipe of the Garacochea family, who owned bakeries starting in the early 1900s in Venice and Santa Monica. Also serving sandwiches, salads and soups, desserts, bread pudding, and fresh fruit tarts.


Neon Tommy:“Etchea: Cafe Provides Home Away From Home”

Neon Tommy writes that Ethea Cafe & Bakery is, “described as a place that combines the warmth and sophistication of a rustic, Basque bakery with the casual feel of a local neighborhood café.” Read Neon Tommy’s review on Etchea Cafe & Bakery and what the neighborhood cafe brings to downtown Los Angeles.


Zagat:“Etchea Bakery Now Open Downtown, Another on the Way”

Be sure to read up about Etchea’s specialities on Zagat. Christine Splichal, co-owner of the cafe, explains her reasoning behind opening two cafes at the same time and demonstrates her vision of Etchea becoming Los Angeles’ number one neighborhood cafe.