Linda Griego, Christine Splichal, and John Baptiste Garacochea combined their talents to create a casual French Basque-inspired bakery & cafe in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Etchea features freshly baked artisan bread delivered daily from the Garacochea’s wholesale bakery establishment, Etxea, in Hawthorne, California. Together, Etchea’s creators developed the cafe with the goal to provide a local approach to eating, where delicious food and customer experience come first. Learn more about Etchea’s founders below and become apart of Etchea’s family.

Christine Splichal


Christine first earned acclaim starting in 1989 as co-founder of the Patina Group- one of LA’s most prolific culinary empires and home to nationally acclaimed restaurants Patina, Pinot, Nick & Stef’s and Zucca. Raised and educated in Orleans, and then Anglet, France, Christine grew up in a family full of boulangers & patissiers with whom she developed her love for the culinary arts. Her father, Andre Mandion, talented baker & pastry chef, instilled the importance of quality and professionalism in her, while her mother, Monique, engendered a respect for refinement and elegant presentation. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and service industry, Christine is enthusiastic for her newest venture- Etchea Café Bakery & Catering.

John Baptiste Garacochea


John Baptiste Garacochea, the creator of Etchea’s bread, stems from a line of bakers whose famous recipes have been a favorite of Los Angeles for over 100 years. John continues to bake his family’s heritage and tradition into every loaf he makes. For years his family has been using the same starter nicknamed the mother dough or Amatxi (which means grandmother in Basuqe.) This famous bread starter is a living family heirloom that has traveled with the family from France to Los Angeles. John continues to carry on his family’s tradition and his dedication to baking is obvious when biting into any of his famous recipes.

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Linda Griego

Linda is an entrepreneur, successful business owner, and former Los Angeles deputy mayor. She was responsible for the development and historical renovation of prominent downtown restaurant, Engine Co. No. 28, and oversaw its operations for more than 20 years. Linda is civic leader who has been involved in numerous Los Angeles community endeavors, including spearheading the rebuilding efforts following the Los Angeles civil unrest, served as chief executive officer of the LA Community Development Bank. She currently serves on corporate, foundation, and non-profit boards of directors.